Blog Post: Learning is Like a Sun With Rays Going Out in Varied Directions

Linda Elder
Sep 08, 2019 • 4y ago
Learning is Like a Sun With Rays Going Out in Varied Directions

{"ops":[{"insert":"In education, learning is more like a sun with rays of learning going out in many, varied directions at differing rates of speed, than it is like a stream with everyone moving forward together in the same direction and at the same speed. The directions of the sun’s learning rays will depend upon many variables, not least of which in importance are the natural inclinations of a given student. Therefore if a student, or the teacher ”moves ahead” of the other students, this is to be intrinsically expected, since no student will be at the same level of learning alongside another student at any time and any learning that does occur will relate specifically to the goals of a given student. This philosophy is the opposite of the one generally assumed in schooling at all levels, i.e. that mostly students are on the same page and only a few are stragglers. To understand fundamentals of the human mind is to recognize how far off base is this assumption. It is my belief that the best way to teach, so that students have the best chance at genuine and profound learning, is for teachers to learn alongside students, integrating themselves with students as a genuine scholars exploring and opening new ideas.  In other words, good teaching is not the repeating of ideas already digested by the teacher and of which the teachers has no further questions (or has “figured it all out.”). Rather, the best way to teach is to be a student with the students, in earnest. It is also far more enjoyable than traditional lecture-based teaching because all minds in the classroom are engaged in learning and developing.  In this way of thinking about education, the authoritarian teacher comes down from the podium and sits among the students; she learns and questions with the students, and in the process is, or becomes, a student, like Socrates.\n"}]}

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{"ops":[{"insert":"Awesome!\nThe role of the teacher is significant towards his/her students. \nThe teacher must be very good in the classroom management and strategies, to becoming an effective facilitator of learning.\n"}]}

Posted by: Joseph Halter

{"ops":[{"insert":"I agree that the teacher facilitates a significant role for student learning. However, many other points of views should be mentioned. \n\nThe role of the student\nThe role of the parent\nThe role of management and leadership\nThe role of support staff such as counselors, advisors, etc\nThe role of community\nThe role of government\n\nIt takes a \"village\" to assist every student to reach their potential and the rays of hope and encouragement along the pathways.\n"}]}

Posted by: Joseph Halter

{"ops":[{"insert":"I think the essence of this topic is the significance of how to improve our learning using critical thinking for a lifetime. I agree that the teacher is the student and the student is the teacher. \n"}]}