Activity: Breadth
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Internalize These Essential Intellectual Standards for Thought:
The intellectual standard of breadth derives from the fact that some issues can be dealt with only from multiple points of view. Thinking that is one-sided when many-sidedness is called for cannot address the problem or issue at hand.
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Activity: Thinking Broadly About an Issue
Identify and articulate many points of view for a single topic.
Take the question, "Is abortion morally justified?" Some argue that abortion is not morally justifiable, and others argue that it is. Try to state and elaborate on each of these points of view in detail. Articulate each point of view objectively, regardless of your personal views. Present each point of view in such a way that a person who actually takes that position would assess it as accurate. Each line of reasoning should be clear, accurate, precise, relevant, and deep. Try not to take a position on the issue yourself.