Activity: Sufficiency
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Internalize These Essential Intellectual Standards for Thought:
The intellectual standard of sufficiency derives from the fact that an intellectual task in any given situation is driven by the question at issue, and that this question implies precisely what information must be gathered to effectively answer the question.
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Activity: Determine Relevant Information Sufficient to Answer a Question
When reading an article in the mainstream news, identify an example of someone offering her or his positionon an issue, supported indeed by relevant information, but while also ignoring other relevant information essential to answering the question.
Identify and analyze an instance where someone omitted important relevant information.
Use this format:
  • the position being taken was as follows...
  • the information being used to support the position was...
  • the information or point of view being ignored or left out of the reasoning was ...
In the game of bingo, it isn't necessary to cover all spaces, but it is necessary to cover a sufficient number of spaces... the same is true when reasoning through a given issue or problem. Some spaces must be covered while others, not relevant, can be left out.