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Posted March 24, 2020      

Corona Virus- Lets discuss n95 masks- and the lies we were told...

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{"ops":[{"insert":"Here are my thoughts:\nThis has been a very confusing situation, as we are told in the USA, we have a mask shortage. Before it was disclosed to the public, on the daily reports and nightly news, about the shortage of masks, the rules were:\n\n"},{"attributes":{"italic":true},"insert":"\"you only need a mask if you are sick, they will not work to protect you from the virus, they will only stop the spread of the virus if you already have it\" "},{"insert":"\n\n(this was explained on nightly news reports and originally, the CDC explains only wear a mask if you are sick)\n\nIn the beginning of this crisis, just a few weeks ago, The CDC also explained the medical workers "},{"attributes":{"italic":true},"insert":"should"},{"insert":" be wearing an N95 mask to \"protect themselves from getting the virus\" - which completely contradicts the idea that the n95 mask will not protect you from getting sick. If it protects the frontline workers why would it not protect a person going into a public place where the virus may be? Or the person standing in line at the grocery store when the person behind them sneezes? etc. etc. \n\nThen, same week, a hospital in San Francisco, all the nurses and medical staff were protesting about needing N95 masks, as they did not have enough for what is about to happen.\n\nThen the CDC changed the story explaining: \n"},{"attributes":{"italic":true},"insert":"'you can use any masks, does not need to be an N95 mask.' "},{"insert":"\n\nTHEN... we find out there is a major shortage of all Masks (and all medical gear needed), Seems strange, confusing and unclear, and something to be questioned. \n\nAnother fact is that in almost every other country that has been fighting the virus before we started in the USA, they are being told to wear masks when they go out into public, if they do not have a mask, then to use a scarf, or bandana, anything to protect themselves "},{"attributes":{"italic":true},"insert":"and"},{"insert":" stop the spread of the virus. \n\nIt also is concerning that the video and images we are all seeing for the workers on the front lines, these medical heroes, are many times dressed from head to toe with plastic shields and masks, implying, this is a virus to be very cautious and stay protected from, as much as possible.\n\nFinally, It is clear to me now, the people in charge, our leaders, if you will, are needing to protect the health care workers first, which is completely understandable, and I agree with this, however, it seems obvious to me, they (leaders) lied to us about the idea that the general public, did not need masks as \"it will not protect you from getting the virus\", and they lied because they knew we were about to face a HUGE shortage of not only masks, but all things needed to fight this virus. \n\nI am very scared for not only the medical front line doctors and nurses, but just as worried for all the other \"front liners\" - grocery store workers, bankers, and anyone and everyone out there in public, as our leaders have been telling us this very catchy, deadly, virus is spreading all around, and the leaders are still acting as if the masks only work if you are sick already to stop the spread, which is clearly not the case. \n\nI will be wearing my mask any time I need to go into public until we have more information about the virus itself, as it seems like the reports are changing every day, and the TRUTH is hard to find in times like these. \n\nBe safe, and stay positive everyone... and consider wearing a mask or even a scarf if you need to go into the public. \n\n"}]}

Ken Stringer - 4y Ago
{"ops":[{"insert":"It is indeed confusing, complicated, and a lot of seemingly contradictory information is out there, especially when surveying statements or guidance over a period of time.\n\nWhat we're confronting is a situation that is changing on an almost daily basis and even the experts--the knowledgable health care professionals at every level--are having to adjust their assessments accordingly as new information comes in, is assimilated into databases and models, and affects judgments and conclusions. In that sense, today's \"truth\" may well seem--and be--different from yesterday's. In this context, my assumption is that the professionals are not lying--they're just struggling to make sense of a constantly evolving situation with an often rapidly changing set of facts. \n\nI do not extend this assumption to political leaders seeking to \"spin\" the story, point the finger of blame at anyone but themselves for mistakes or mis-statements, or make decisions (or pronouncements) that are not based on any evidence (let alone the experts' guidance and counsel) or that flout that advice to serve their personal, political purpose.\n\nDifficult though it is, it's incumbent on all of us as critical thinkers to do the one thing you recommend: ask questions--ask relevant questions starting, for instance, with, \"What is this person's/agency's purpose in making this statement or recommending this course of action?\" What information are they basing that statement on and is it reliable, verifiable, accurate, etc.?\" What assumptions underly the statement or recommendation; are those assumptions sound (for now) and if so what might cause them to change thereby necessitating a new set of inferences; if they're not sound, what impact does that have on the reasonableness of the conclusions?\n\nWe also need to ask ourselves what assumptions we're making. For instance, are we taking for granted that "},{"attributes":{"italic":true,"bold":true},"insert":"all"},{"insert":" leaders or people in positions of authority either lie or prone to lying and thus are automatically to be distrusted? Are we assuming that a news story on CDC guidance has accurately, completely, conveyed that guidance--or, alternatively, that "},{"attributes":{"italic":true,"bold":true},"insert":"all "},{"insert":"media are focused on sensationalizing a storyline: a statement today by the CDC, for example, changing its recommendations on the use of face masks is portrayed as an example of bureaucratic dysfunction and incompetence, but when you check the actual change, it is reasonable, understandable, logical, and fact-based.\n\nReports are changing every day. That's to be expected in the kind of situation we're in--and that's exactly what makes it complex and difficult and frustrating. As critical thinkers we need to recognize the ambiguities we're facing and do our best to resolve them the best way we can, recognizing that their ultimate resolution may be a long, long ways off--a matter for historians to decide years from now. \n\nThinking things through carefully, critically, in the right context is an excellent way to remain positive. \n\nA dear friend of mine was fond of closing his correspondence with the admonition, \"Fight Fiercely!\" Intellectually, that's what we all need to be doing right now.\n\n\n\n\n\n"}]}
Joseph Halter - 4y Ago
{"ops":[{"insert":"Lisa, your concerns are relevant. I think the issue of supply is the issue and the scale and complexity of the pandemic. Not enough medical supplies for the world population at the moment. \nArticle to support your concerns:\n"}]}
Joseph Halter - 4y Ago
{"ops":[{"insert":"Today's news on masks:\n\n"}]}
Lisa Sabend - 4y Ago
{"ops":[{"insert":"Thanks for all the feedback everyone.. :) Be Safe out there... \n"}]}
Joseph Halter - 4y Ago
{"ops":[{"insert":"Lisa, as we discover or uncover more about COVID-19, it appears that your concerns are becoming more accurate. A recent article in the "},{"attributes":{"link":""},"insert":"Washington Post "},{"insert":"reinforces many of the fine points you made a few weeks ago.\nSometimes, it takes a little longer to find the truth and sometimes it is never found.\nBe safe as well and hope each of us can protect ourselves and others so our health and the economy improves. \n"}]}
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Posted January 21, 2020      


Posted by: Lisa Sabend | Posted for: the Community

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