Wall of Barriers Activities: Develop Intellectual Perseverance
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Develop Intellectual Perseverance
Intellectual perseverance entails the willingness and consciousness of the need to pursue intellectual insights and truths despite difficulties, obstacles, and frustrations. It means firmly adhering to rational principles despite irrational opposition of others. It means struggling with confusion and unsettled questions over an extended period of time in order to achieve deeper understanding or insight. The opposite of intellectual perseverance is intellectual indolence or laziness.
Intellectual Perseverance
Most people have more physical perseverance than intellectual perseverance. Most are ready to admit, “No pain, no gain!” when talking about the body. Most give up quickly, on the other hand, when faced with a frustrating intellectual problem. Thinking of your own responses, in your work or your personal life, how would you evaluate your own intellectual perseverance (on a scale of 0–10)?
Complete these statements:
1. In terms of intellectual perseverance, I would rate myself as follows...
2. I say this because (support your position with evidence)...
3. I could develop intellectual perseverance by routinely doing the following...