Wall of Barriers Activity: Analyze Your Group Memberships
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Analyze Your Group Memberships
Make a list of the groups you belong to. Then choose the group you think has influenced you the most.
Complete the following statements:
1. The group that has influenced me the most is probably...
2. This group’s main function is...
3. Comment on as many of the following variables you can identify, focusing on the group you have chosen to analyze. To what extent does your membership in this group involve:
  • a name (that defines who and what they are),

  • a way of talking,

  • a set of “friends” and “enemies,”

  • group rituals (in which you must participate),

  • expected behaviors involving fellow members,

  • expected behaviors when around the “enemies” of the group, or “outsiders.”

  • a hierarchy of power within the group,

  • a way of dressing and speaking,

  • social requirements (to which you must conform), and

  • a set of taboos (forbidden acts, whose violation is punished)
4. One of the key “requirements” of this group is:
5. One of the key “taboos” (what I am forbidden to do) is:
6. A group that my group would look down upon is ... We think of this group as beneath us because...